I have been working on Springtrap for a long time. 3 weeks ago I made another Springtrap. But that Springtrap made me, and my brothers game crash. If the game lags/crash, so try set your Garrys mod's graphic to high. Pictures is taking on fnaf3. If you have any questions, so comment below...
Gmod Vr - yepi.marcodarold.it ... Gmod Vr
Gmod FNAF | Springtrap Looks For His Daughter. Xman 723.
A Garry's Mod (GMOD) Mod in the Duplications category, submitted by chomper 123. fnaf 1 pack part 1 have ignited freddy and molten freddy and the part 2 is comming soon and it gonna have ignited chica and bonnie and more.