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However, the word shamayin occurs 39 times in conjunction with birds flying through shamayin (no, these verses are not referring to diving water fowl!). Obviously, shamayin means more than heaven, and often refers to the atmosphere, or sky. One needs to be careful in looking at the context to determine the true English meaning.
Nov 09, 2015 · Which of the following statements about matter is false? The amount of matter increases slightly as water changes state. The amount of matter in an object remains the same during changes in state. Matter is neither created nor destroyed. Liquids, gases, and solids are all forms of matter. Is it a
The sign bit determines whether the value is positive or negative (0 is positive, and 1 is negative).The rest of the 31 bits are used to represent the value. A floating-point number, however, cannot exist in a computer that uses binary (1s and 0s).