The LeadeRship Compass seLf-assessmenT, ConTinued North—Action approaches to Work/Work style I am usually assertive, active, and decisive. I like to determine Nthe course of events and be in control of professional relationships. I am quick to act and express a sense of urgency for others to act.
Downloadable worksheets: Worksheet: Simple past of Regular Verbs Level: intermediate Age: 12-17 Downloads: 3267. Worksheet: Simple Future (Will) - Explanation & exercise Level: intermediate Age: 14-17 Downloads: 2243. WH - questions (English for beginners) Level: elementary Age: 6-10...
Aug 30, 2008 · You need to note the charted angle from the chart by extrapolating the measure from the "Compass Rose" on the chart. Compare this to the reading from your compass while traveling the range to the landmark. The difference is the amount to be corrected. Write this on your chart or in your logbook.
The worksheet includes several questions, and a sample back of a check to write your answers. Answer the question by correctly endorsing the check, using the appropriate endorsing method. You may choose a standard worksheet or customize the worksheet to your teaching needs.