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because the courts now require that the members of both houses be elected from equal population districts. In earlier times, bicameral state legislatures may have served a representational purpose: during the period of the American revolution, in some states the two houses represented somewhat different socio-economic groups;
Petitions In The Courts of Heaven The following prayer can be used as a guide for your own petitions in the Court of Heaven. FATHER, Your word declares that I can come boldly before Your throne of grace, where I can find mercy and grace to help in my time of need.
Pursuant to section 9 of the Native Purposes Act, 1934, I herewith transmit the report of the Native Land Court upon — (1) Petition No. 262 of 1933, and (2) Petition No. 123 of 1934, together with which is combined the report on (3) Petition No. 329 of 1934—35, referring to the same land.