Nov 02, 2020 · The majority of the nervous system is tissue made up of two classes of cells: neurons and neuroglia. Neurons. Neurons, also known as nerve cells, communicate within the body by transmitting electrochemical signals. Neurons look quite different from other cells in the body due to the many long cellular processes that extend from their central ...
Sep 03, 2002 · Asks questions to identify shared interest, experiences, or other common ground. Shows an interest in what others have to say; acknowledges their perspectives and ideas. Recognizes the business concerns and perspectives of others. Expresses gratitude and appreciation to others who have provided information, assistance, or support.
Good readers recognize central ideas, whether stated or implied, and identify important details in a text. They use those ideas and details when they summarize the text, and they do not include any nonessential information or opinions. Summarizing Informational Texts Lesson 2 CCSS CCSS RI.7.2: . . . provide an objective summary of the text.
Chemically, ATP is an adenine nucleotide bound to three phosphates.; There is a lot of energy stored in the bond between the second and third phosphate groups that can be used to fuel chemical reactions.