Create Masking Policy Create Data Masking Policy Datasource, Schema, Table, Column, Sensitive Category, Mask Fast, Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Data Protection and Compliance Teleran DDM provides a comprehensive, real-time data masking solution, delivering fast-to-deploy, cost-effective protection and compliance for your data-intensive
In-Place - The data in the masked table is read, masked and changed (updated). On-The-Fly - The data is read from a 'source' table, masked and inserted into a fresh table in another database. Recommendation: The Best Practice recommendation is to use: In-Place for Database masking. On-The-Fly for File masking. Characteristics:
Data masking is sometimes described as data obfuscation and is related to data encryption, and tokenization. An important distinction is that data masking is sometimes a non-reversible process where sensitive data is cloned and transformed into something credible but, once created, wholly different than the source.
A Java DBGrid control - Open source Javabean grid to access database like sybase, oracle, db2, sql server using swing jtable. Can be used with Applet, java, swing, hibernate. Useful for DBGrid , EJB/Data objects , delimted file/url, Vector/array.