Find the child support section. is used for all kinds of county level payments in Florida. Log back in with your temporary password, then you can use the website to change your password to something you How do I find out the remaining balance for child support in Florida?
Digging out of a child support hole -- With back payments adding up, some say system needs change ... would be expected to contribute about $63 per week in support, although they could owe more if ...
4. Say how you share domestic chores in your family. I flew back to the bathroom, and was discovered diligently tweaking out the fingers of gloves when Mrs. Robertson walked in. However, I found a wooden box which I thought would do, and took the coal along the passage in that.
Jul 19, 2017 · Florida Child Support Enforcement Program 'has no teeth,' parents say Child support investigation finds $1.2 billion owed in current, back support Adrianna Iwasinski , Investigative Reporter