Well balanced and authentically styled double barreled side by side shotgun kit. One piece American walnut stock. Barrels are choked cylider on the right hand and improved on the left hand. Two brass beads are installed on the top rib and a loading rod is located beneath the barrels.
Made in USA. Black Powder Caliber: 31 Caliber. Ignition Type: Percussion. The Vest Pocket Derringer is available in .31 caliber, #11 cap Percussion ignition system and has a 2.25" brass round barrel. This pistol has a simulated ivory stock and is 4.75" in length.
1868-1925 Birmingham voluntary special black powder proof 1868-1925 London reproof marking for black powder rifles 1868-1925 Birmingham reproof marking for black powder rifles 1868-1925 Birmingham definitive black powder proof for shotguns since 1904 Birmingham definitive nitro proof for all guns since 1670 London view mark
Enlarged wood grips; 38 special; 4' barrel; nice condition: Rifle 1: $0: 2010-02-09: Merlin Model 922m, .22cal semi, Micro-groove barrel, weever scope, sling, woodstock with hooded front sight, crossman scope rings: Rifle 16 Kodick Model 260: $0: 2010-02-18: 22 scope by bushrell/woodstock, forarm hooded front sight: Rifle 2 AMT 22mag Hunter: $0 ...