Calculate the area of a circle using our Area Calculator, or try calculating it yourself with the formulas provided. Geometry Calculator Enter the radius of the circle in the calculator below to calculate the area of the circle.
Aug 17, 2012 · Formula for circumference of a circle is 2 x pi x r where r is the radius. so. 12 = 2 x pi x r. 6 = pi x r. radius = 6/pi. using calculator. radius = 1.91 cms correct to 2 decimal places
Circumference of a circle with radius 9 centimeters b. Radius of a circle with circumference 26 meters Solution a. C5 2 πr Write circumference formula. 5 2 pπp 9 Substitute 9 for r. 5 18 π Simplify. ø 56.55 Use a calculator. c The circumference is about 56.55 centimeters. b. C5 2 πr Write circumference formula. 26 5 2 πr Substitute 26 for ...
In National 4 Lifeskills Maths solve a problem by calculating the area and perimeter of a composite shape which will also include parts of a circle. The circumference is the perimeter of a circle.